Ultra Mega Turkey Invades Luvinia Online

SOA Games today announced the latest addition to the world of Luvinia Online with the invasion of the Ultra Mega Turkey. This powerful new boss monster will spawn every 4 hours in the following zones; Capital, Snow Words, Wild Rock Fortress and Tone City. Those with enough battle prowess to take down these monstrosities will be rewarded with a large number of chests, each containing an exciting variety of powerful items and equipment pieces.

The developers also announced that the Philippines Red Cross donation event, in which 100% of the proceeds from certain micro-transactions are donated to charity, will be ending soon along with the recently launched Log In Reward event, both coming to a close on December 1st.

Luvinia Online is one of those MMORPG games that is instantly judged on its familiar graphics and presentation but does it deserve a little more of our time? Leave your thoughts below.

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