Undead Labs Bringing New MMO To Xbox?

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Undead Labs, developers of the critically acclaimed zombie survival sandbox State of Decay, has signed a long-term, multi-game agreement with Microsoft Studios. Despite competition from the likes of DayZ, Nether, 7 Days to Die and Rust, State of Decay continues to prove popular today with players attracted to its unique blend of sandbox style exploration and zombie survival mechanics.

The game was first released last June and sold over 250,000 copies within the first 48 hours, quickly growing to almost 500,000 within the first two weeks of release. Long term followers of the project may recall initial plans to include a co-op/multiplayer aspect which was sadly axed to give them time to focus on core mechanics. Undead Labs also revealed an upcoming MMO title based on the State of Decay universe codenamed Class4 – although we’ve not heard anything new in quite some time this is potentially the main title under discussion when relating to the new signing with Microsoft.

“We?ll be able to share details later this year, but as with State of Decay,
we think it?s best if we just keep our heads down and build some
prototypes before we talk too much. For now, suffice it to say there are
big things going on with State of Decay”

With current console fans screaming out for more next-gen titles, Microsoft’s partnership with Undead Labs could be a real game changer for fans of the MMO genre.

Source: CinemaBlend

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