Undecima is a new online browser multiplayer strategy game developed by a man named Mik for six years.  Undecima launched on the 1st of June with the game’s Open Beta mode.
In short, in Undecima, you start in a small village, develop it to a big prosperous town.  Along the way you will complete a lot of upgrades and researches, advance through levels, and on the final one, capture a super powerful artifact!  If you are able to hold the artifact for three days, victory will be yours!

Some other interesting features of the game are:
–       Simple but efficient combat mode (e.g. you can scout, attack, defend, counter-attack, intercept, dodge, and reinforce your friends and enemies).
–       Lack of annoying macro-management. You have plenty of upgrades and researches to do, but can control only one town.
–       All units from very basic to elite have a set of abilities and skills that makes them unique in the game and useful in particular situations.
–       Ability to play either PvP or PvE or mix it at the same time. For example theoretically, you can finish the game without attacking another player (not sure if it’s going to be fun though).
–       Plenty of rewards, such as weekly ranking, overall ranks, medals, achievements and more.
–       The game is addictive, but doesn’t take up all of your time (here I’m not sure whether it’s a good point or bad).

4 thoughts on “Undecima”

  1. The World of Undecima 1 has been finished
    now, we have a winner and you can see the Aftermaths of this World in this
    topic: http://forum.undecima.com/FRM-ShowThread.aspx?thrid=339.

    But as the say, “The King is dead
    – long live the King”. A new World of Undecima has just started and it can
    be your chance to capture the Crown of Ultimate Power and prove that you are a
    True Ruler of Undecima. With the steel of Might, the power of Magic, the spirit
    of Nature, or the light of Faith, face your enemies with courage and honour and
    bring Undecima to its proper glory.

    Undecima Wants You!

    If you tried Undecima some time ago,
    you will find many new features in the game. You can explore the Ruins of
    Decima now, your Mayor has many new upgrades to improve the efficiency of your
    Town, you can hire help to produce more Gold and Food, and even you, yourself
    can Roll up your Sleeves and help your workers around the Town.

    There is also a new Tutorial with
    Step-by-Step Instructions covering all new and old main concepts of the Game.

    Give it a try and if you liked it
    before, you will like it even more now.

    Follow this link to register a new
    account (click Register on the Welcome Page): http://u1.undecima.com/ACC-WelcomePage.aspx

  2. A new Undecima Video Tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22oxFOBLrEo)
    is now available on YouTube. This video covers all new and old concepts of the
    Game and walks you through the whole Tutorial with explanations and
    commentaries from the very beginning to the point where you research a Town

    There are Time Markers in the
    description of this video for each step now. So, if you get stuck on a
    particular step, you don’t have watch the whole video (even though it’s a nice
    video), but just directly jump to the place where you got stuck.

    There will be another Video Tutorial
    soon, much shorter, with minimum explanations and no commentaries – just completing
    the Tutorial as fast as possible – for those who doesn’t have much time 😉

    And if you get curious, here is a link
    to the game: http://undecima.com 😀

  3. The Call of Ragnarok is a new feature
    in Undecima that will allow all (or almost all) active players to take part in
    the Endgame. It’s risky and there is no way back, but if you don’t want to miss
    on the Grand Finale, you can take this opportunity, accept the Call and maybe
    even win the Game. Read more about it in this thread: http://forum.undecima.com/FRM-ShowThread.aspx?thrid=367.

    Another new feature is Voting for
    Undecima. It has been integrated into the Game and now if you enjoy playing
    Undecima, you can vote for it right from the Game and you will be rewarded some
    Coins of the Chronos for your effort as well. Read more about this feature in
    this thread: http://forum.undecima.com/FRM-ShowThread.aspx?thrid=370.

    And if you get curious, here is a link to the game: http://undecima.com 😀

  4. Undecima has been running in open Beta
    for almost a year now and to keep it running, it needs your support. It is
    currently on Kickstarter (a crowd-founding website) and you can see it there by
    following this link: http://kck.st/1W8NZWM. The Rewards for support include Premium
    Account and some cool (and even very cool) In-Game extras. You can check as
    well all upcoming Updates that are scheduled for future development. Big or
    small – every dollar counts 😉 You can find more details and updates about this
    project in this thread: http://forum.undecima.com/FRM-ShowThread.aspx?thrid=378.

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