Upcoming Nether Update Promises Dirt Bikes

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Phosphor Studios today released an exciting set of patch notes for the first patch of the year for the increasingly popular MMOFPS survival MMO, Nether. The last update introduced many features requested by the community and the developers stick with that trend as they introduce some of the most highly requested features from the community including groups and group content, and dirt bikes.

The new grouping feature allows players to form traditional MMO parties with friends and allies, opening new channels of in-game communication and visual location information via the radar. A new mission has also been added which will see single players transfer large crates between locations. Unable to use weapons during the mission, players will need to secure a few allies if they all hope to reap the rewards.

The upcoming patch will also introduce the first vehicle to the world of Nether, the dirt bike. Players will be able to find the two wheeled beast at random locations across the game world although the developers have warned to approach with caution as a number of issues remain unresolved.


The Dirt Bike has been tweaked more since this recording was taken

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