Valve Release Dota 2 – Honestly, It’s True

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Dota 2 is arguably one of the most anticipated titles since the conception of the MOBA genre and following a beta event stretching over a year, the official launch has finally arrived. Rumors originally began spreading at the start of this week but nothing official was declared until just recently. Valve are proud to announce the immediate release of the North American version of Dota 2 on the popular digital distribution platform, Steam.

Valve released a statement providing details for the plans involving future releases of Dota 2.

Like we mentioned before, the launch of Dota 2 is going to take on a different shape than products we’ve shipped in the past. Our thinking is that we want the existing audience have uninterrupted access during the launch, in addition to bringing new players into Dota 2 in a way that isn’t frustrating. Simply put, we want to smooth out the traditional launch spike, but at the same time allow anyone to come in and try out Dota 2.

Dota 2’s user base is already larger than any game we’ve ever made, and it continues to grow. Knowing this launch moment was coming, we’ve spent the past year working on getting both the backend infrastructure and new user experience into a state where we can welcome in anyone that wants to give the game a try. With that work now complete, it is time for us to invite anyone and everyone to come play.

It’s one of the longest beta’s we’ve seen in a long time but with such a large player-base and the future of the game at steak, it’s great to see Valve putting so much effort into a highly popular franchise.

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