Infinite Crisis Video Reveals Batman Prime Champion

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Turbine Studios made a splash at E3 by taking home the convention prize for best MOBA. Their upcoming title Infinite Crisis sure has been making headlines since entering closed beta around two months ago. Those headlines won?t be slowing down as we inch closer toward the games full release. Today, the company even released a video introducing none other than the highly anticipated Dark Knight.

There are few characters that come to mind faster than Batman when you are dealing with the DC universe. It was only a matter of time before the Dark vigilante joined his gaslight spinoff in this epic MOBA. I?ve been lucky enough to be involved with some of the beta so far, and as a MOBA newbie I can?t wait to check out the new addition. If you are a fan of DC or MOBAs in general, this is one of those updates that could change the entire game.

The video shows the new champion Batman in the heat of some PvP moments. Numerous clips show the Dark Knight utilizing his special abilities to precisely strike his enemies at the right times. Batman is a power based champion that will quickly jump into a brawl looking for maximum damage. Check out the video below to get full details on each of Batman’s awesome skills. I posted a preferred access code on our MMO ATK forums if you want to give the game a shot before someone else does. You can also keep trying to sign up for the closed beta at the games main website.

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