War Thunder’s Thunder League Playoffs Begin

Today, Gaijin Entertainment announces its eSports league for War Thunder (Thunder League). The first round launched over the holiday break and it has now reached the playoff stage. Eight teams remain, battling on land and in the air, in the same match. Complete warfare. The total purse is $40K and continues to grow.

Here is the interesting part. War Thunder fans are funding the total prize purse. Any War Thunder player can purchase Thunder League Dog Tags and each purchase increases the total prize purse. In addition to increasing the prize purse, each person receives rare items, highly sought after vehicles and other bonuses.

Starting from an initial $5K, the total purse has grown to $40K. Each time it surpasses a $5K level (5, 10, 15…40), people who purchase Dog Tags receive more opportunities to win prizes, rare items and other bonuses.

For more information about the Thunder League Playoffs, including where to watch, visit: www.warthunder.pro.

Thunder League: The First Season

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