Warface Has Made It Into the Guiness Book of World Records

Crytek GmbH has announced today that their free-to-play title, Warface, has set a new record in the Guinness Book of World Records. The accomplishment of the game was that it had the most players online simultaneously on one online shooter server. The record had been set on Saturday, January 26th when 145,012 players located in Russia were playing the game on a Moscow-based alpha server. 

One of the leading internet service providers, Mail.ru Games, who is also an online games publisher, had co-ordinated the play session. The news that over 145,000 people had played the game together, was following the news that had been announced earlier in the month that the game had now reached over 9 million registered users in Russia during its first year online. 

?Warface stands out from other shooters for many reasons,? said Vladimir Nikolsky, Vice President of the Games Division at Mail.Ru. ?The fact that it?s created with CryENGINE? 3, its exciting co-op and versus modes, and the constant updates to the game world all set it apart and have helped to ensure its popularity with players and press. We?d like to thank everyone who has supported Warface so far, especially our players, who made this record possible.?

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