Warframe Community Welcomes Latest Patch

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Digital Extremes today released the latest update for the PC version of the popular free-to-play MMOTPS, Warframe. The developers also announced that the PC version has grown at a phenomenal rate, now boasting a community 5.5 million strong. The latest update, Update 12: Zephyr Rises, introduces a number of exciting elements to Warframe including a brand new HUD, additional weapons, a new game mode and a brand new Warframe.

The highlight of Update 12 is Zephyr, a Warframe that specializes in aerial attacks – dominating her opponents from above. Players can begin building the new Warframe in the Tenno Research Lab in the Dojo. For footage of Zephyr in action check the video below.

Update 12 also brings with it a number of exciting new weapons including the Phage Shotgun, Jat Kittag Jet Powered Polearm, Dual Cestra Sidearms and the
Akstiletto Dual UZI. New Warframe skins, map tilesets and a game mode also await Warframe players in one of the most exciting updates to date.

Warframe | Update 12.0 Highlights

Source: Press Release

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