Get Your Revenge On In SMITE

Another week and another exciting SMITE update as Hi-Rez Studios announce the latest character to join the battlefield of the Gods, Nemesis the Goddess of Revenge. Nemesis joins the battle as a physical melee Warrior that specializes in high mobility.

She’s got a pretty impressive variety of abilities, highlighted below:

  • SCALES OF FATE (Passive): Every basic attack reduces her targets physical and magical attack power, increasing hers 5% per stack with 3 stacks maximum.
  • SWIFT VENGEANCE: Nemesis launches in a line towards her enemies, dashing and dealing damage to all characters she comes into contact with. For a further 2s Nemesis is able to dash once more, although using another ability in this time will cancel her second dash opportunity.
  • SLICE AND DICE: Nemesis launches a cone attack in front of her. Enemies in the center of the cone are slowed and receive 2x damage.
  • RETRIBUTION: A temporary shield surrounds Nemesis, protecting her from all incoming damage and healing for half the percentage of damage done.
  • DIVINE JUDGEMENT: Nemesis targets a single enemy God, drastically reducing their health and movement speed while stealing a portion of their protections.

Accompanying the new Goddess is the regular tweaks and changes to a huge variety of God’s and items, including a long list of improvements and fixes to casting and recovery time – something many players speculate is to help with the current technical problems plaguing the official servers. Red Star Athena also makes and appearance and marks one of the first BOGOFF offers on a new God skin, promising players a free skin if they purchase before February 24th.

Source: Patch Notes

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