Warframe Takes The Fight Outside

With a hugely successful launch on both the PlayStation 4 and PC, Digital Extremes’ third-person epic, Warframe, is going from strength to strength and with a new mode announced at this years Gamescom, the Xbox One launch is sure to follow suit.

Announced at this years TennoLive 2014 Gamescom conference the exciting new game mode, Archwing, is sure to set the world of Warframe ablaze with its entirely new approach to the iconic third-person combat. For the first time in the games history players will have the opportunity to take the fight outside, outside being the darkest reaches of space. More akin to old-school space shooters than Warframe’s traditional combat elements, Archwing is sure to be a welcomed change to the steel-like interiors often seen in the game thus far.

An excited audience of over 200 hardcore Warframe fans were in attendance, alongside 14,000 fans watching via livestream as Digital Extremes showcased the new mode via a teaser trailer. Check it out below. Even for a non-Warframe fan, it looks awesome.


Source: Press Release

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