WarMage BattleGrounds – 1.13 Update Now Live

Burst Development have just announced the content and features heading into their unique turn-based combat game, WarMage Battlegrounds. Update 1.13 boasts an exciting array of additions to an already expansive title, making changes to practically every area of the MMO.

One aspect of the update that has been well received by the player base is the introduction of Daily Free Trials. This is a feature that the player base has been asking for since the launch of the beta period. This new feature gives players the opportunity to test three different battle units and one spell, for free. Players have to purchase units and spells to increase their potential on the battlefield and this latest feature gives players the opportunity to save their hard earned cash for units they’ve tested.

Other aspects of the update include new Battle Units, Enemy Units and Spells. At first glance WarMage BattleGrounds doesn’t really give the greatest impression as the graphics fail to compete with the bigger names in the strategy genre. However after playing this game myself for a few weeks I actually found it to be surprisingly addictive. It’s incredibility in-depth in regards to the tactics and strategies players can deploy on the battlefield and it has one of the most approachable communities I’ve ever seen in an online game.

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