Wasteland 2 – Promising Perma-death

Ever hear of the RPG Wasteland? If you haven?t it could be
because the game came out in 1988. After a successful Kickstarter campaign,
creator Brian Fargo is now bringing gamers Wasteland
, the sequel to his classic RPG.

is promising to bring an old-school RPG feel while giving players an
intense new gaming experience. In a recent interview, Fargo comments a bit on
what to expect from the upcoming title. It seems that this game isn?t just
about your own character, but also the teams you build around them. Players
will create squads of up to four rangers, which can be customized with a number
of different skills and attributes. As they continue playing, players will even
stumble upon NPC?s that can also join their party.

of these NPC?s has a different personality and will have their advantages and
disadvantages.? says Fargo. ?Some might be incredibly annoying but have a
useful skill that you might not want to live without. It?s all about choices
and trade-offs in Wasteland.?

The most looked forward to
thing about Wasteland 2 could be the
inclusion of character perma-death (literally meaning ?permanent death?). Originally,
games lacked multiple continues. There were no memory cards to save data on and
people had to call hotlines for cheat codes. Some games went so far as to
realistically give your character one life of their own, deleting them from
gaming existence upon failure.

Wasteland 2 is
promising to bring back the scary edge to gaming that has been ignored by most of
the industry over the years. Games have evolved over the years to somewhat
holding the players hand or giving them as many tries as needed to continue
trusting in a franchise. Brian Fargo already has that trust though thanks to
Kickstarter, and clearly he isn?t holding back when stating, ?We will indeed have perma-death in the game. If you make a
bad decision and get a party member killed, they won?t come back.?

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