Why MMO Strategy Games on Wii U Will Be Awesome

The first thing I thought
of when they revealed the Wii U was the unlimited possibilities of the second
screen. All HUD?s can now be taken down to the controller, leaving the player
with a full screen of clear gaming goodness. Life meters, inventory, menu
systems?these can all be (hopefully as an optional feature for those who
prefer) taken off the screen and right in front of the player?s face. I feel
that it will provide a much more intimate gaming experience, especially for
games like Resident Evil where constant inventory exchanges can take place
right in your hands.


There?s a long list of
ideas already going through my head for implementing the new Wii U controller
into gameplay, but being a huge RTS fan had me instantly wanting to see what a
developer could do with an awesome strategy game. Now before you start scoffing
at this ridiculous disposition that RTS games would actually work without a
mouse and keyboard, hear me out first. I haven?t personally got to feel
and play with a Wii U controller, although I heard the touch responsiveness is
great. If it?s really as intuitive and responsive as an iPad, then this could
make for some very rewarding game inputs.

Strategy Games on Wii U

I can already see me
instantly selecting a group of units by just pointing and dragging on the screen
in front of me, or quickly selecting a new build unit with just a quick gesture
of my fingertip. There are many ways this can work, I just hope some developers
catch on early and try as many things as they can to get it right. I?ll
MOUSE OR KEYBOARD. Sorry, I can already see the idiots trying to bash this idea
so I just have to put that out there. What I am saying though, is that with the
right implementation, MMO strategy games could become a very fun (more casual
MMO strategy games) touch-based experience. There?s no way I could
competitively play StarCraft 2 on this thing, but if I could kick back and casually
play around on new maps and develop new strategies while sitting back on my
couch with a Wii U controller in hand, then bring it on!


Anyone else have any
awesome ideas for how developers can implement unique and rewarding gameplay
experiences into MMO strategy games on the Wii U?


Let?s hear them in the
comments below!

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