Webzen Offering Free High-Level Characters

One of the most difficult and time-consuming elements of any MMORPG is getting your character from level one to whatever level happens to be that game?s cap. Many players never even reach the cap, creating new characters or leaving a game for greener pastures.

MMO developer Webzen has an interesting idea for landing new players ? let them skip the boring stuff and go straight to cap. If you create a character in MU Online, Soul of the Ultimate Nation and Archlord between February 15 and March 14, you?ll receive top-notch, high level avatars.

Here?s the breakdown:

MU Online ? Level 220 character with +9 armor and weapons

Archlord ? Fully equipped level 60 character

Soul of the Ultimate Nation ? Level 90 character and special items
This event provides new players with a unique opportunity to check out high-end content without the time commitment ? we?ll have to see how it plays out. If it works, look for other free MMOs to follow.

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