What’s A Fair Price For An MMO Subsription – MMOpinion

Subscription fees in MMOs are almost a fact of life.  Most of the best games come with one attached to it, or at least at first they do.  Subscription fees have slowly increased over the years for those who still do charge us to use their services.  It used to be common to see $9.99, then $12.95 became popular and now most subscriptions are around the $15 dollar range.

Many of us don’t mind paying for a subscription.  With it comes the hope for increased content, regular maintenance, stricter regulations on bots and more.  But today i’m curious at what you all think is a fair price for a subscription?  Are you happy to pay more if you think it will mean a better product?  Do you think it should be less?  Or do you prefer a free game with some sort of cash shop? 

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