Why I can’t Stop Playing SMITE

Having played League of Legends for a little over 2 years I thought it was time for a change. Not because I was bored or tired of League, but because despite playing hundreds of games, I still totally suck. I know the mechanics, I can literally word for word explain 90% of the abilities, but despite my best efforts I still continue to struggle past a 1/1 ratio.

In the laning phases, or when I’m jungling, I’m fine. I can often perform some good kills and never give up needless deaths. However, as soon as team fights start and it gets crazy, I lose track of my Champion making my abilities next to useless.

Then I was introduced to the SMITE beta. Although a game of the same genre, it offers a totally different playing approach to its more popular cousin.

The game uses a third-person view, over that of the typical isometric approach taken in most MOBA games. This feature change alone gives me complete control over my character, never once losing sight or getting a bit confused.

So thanks to SMITE, I get the competitive thrill that I craved in League of Legends, but with more ability and accomplishments. I’ve had countless games where I’ve carried the team, a situation I rarely experienced in League.

The community is also very different. It’s nowhere near as hostile but there’s also a lot less communication. A large majority of the games I play have people instalocking God’s in the lobby, without any communication whatsoever. This does kill the experience a little but playing with a few friends has helped solve that.

Finally, value for money. I purchased the Ultimate God Package for $30. This gives me access to every God in the game and every God they’re ever going to release. Compare that to the money I’ve spent on League…To put it simply, I’ve probably sunk have a mortgage into that game.

Have any of you guys tried SMITE? What are your thoughts?

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