WildStar Boss Hunter Challenge Announced

NCSoft today announced plans to launch an exciting new community event in WildStar with the January 7th release of the highly anticipated Boss Hunter Challenge. Running from January 7th through to January 10th the new Boss Hunter Challenge will see various World Bosses and Legendary Champions take to the battlefield to challenge the very best the WildStar community has to offer. Every boss defeated in the Boss Hunter Challenge will have a 100% chance to drop a Shiny Token and Lockbox Key, with normal monsters also having a small chance to drop the same.

Progenitor Access Particles will see a large reduction in cost to go with the event as players will need to use these items to summon the enemies in the Boss Hunter Challenge. Legendary Champions will also see a much higher spawn rate throughout the event.

Shiny Tokens can be exchanged for a variety of goodies including a Veggie Launcher Toy, Garden Green Dye, Lopp Hunter Pet and Lopp Grinder Mount.

Source: Official Website

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