Wildstar – New Faction and Class

Last week we had news from NCSoft about a release date for WildStar.  Well, no, they didn’t actually give us a date, but more of a timeframe.  The game will be released sometime in 2013, that we do know.  We also have some new information about the second faction and a brand new stealth class.

The second faction in Wildstar is the Dominion Faction.  The Dominion is a powerful interstellar empire that rules the entire galaxy using a mix of brute military strength, religious fervor and some highly advanced weapons and technology.  The Dominion was established by the Eldan more than a thousand years ago and now that it has their claim on Nexus it will stop at nothing to make sure that the planet is completely under their control.  A Meet the Dominion trailer is below for more details on them.

WildStar Flick: Meet the Dominion

Next the WildStar blog released some information on their new Stalker Class.  The Stalker will use a combo of stealth and technology to overcome his enemies in unique ways.  He is infused with some powerful nanotechnology that makes him a silent killer.  Advanced stealth capabilitis allow him to sneak up on enemies and eliminate them with his favorite weapon, deadly claws.  Stalkers will also tactical combat which allow them to control the battlefield with proximity mines and piles of corpses.  Again there is the Stalker class video below.

WildStar: The Stalker

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