WildStar PvP Focused DevSpeak Video

Carbine Studios today released an exciting new DevSpeak video highlighting the two main elements of PvP in WildStar, Arenas and Battlegrounds. This is the first time that players outside of the beta testing group have had the opportunity to sneak a glimpse at PvP but what a glimpse it is!

There are two different types of queuing systems for both modes of PvP, Open and Rated. Open Arena is designed for players level 30 and above while Rated Arenas are exclusive to level 50s. Open Battlegrounds are available from level 6 while the Rated Battlegrounds remain closed until level 50. The Open options are designed to teach players the basic mechanics of both modes and an ideal choice for casual players, while the hardcore PvP fans can enjoy a more competitive environment in the Rated options. Matchmaking will use the overall rating from a players previous games in order to provide a fair match-up.

experiences are available for all levels of players from the extremely
experienced to the novice and combat is fast-paced, crazy reactive and a
straight up good time. It truly challenges players to employ the
WildStar combat trinity:
movement, aiming and telegraphs. 

The video also goes into detail regarding progression in PvP. Players participating in both main modes of PvP, Arenas and Battlegrounds, will be awarded with different progression trees to those on display in PvE.


The pre-orders for WildStar opened yesterday so if you’re interested in playing when the game launches on June 3rd, take a look on the official website.

Source: Press Release

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