Massive WildStar Update Announcement Coming January 4th


Carbine Studios announced via Twitter that WildStar fans will get some exciting news, Wednesday January 4th, as the team will reveal the next “massive” WildStar update. In the true fashion of announcements announcing upcoming announcements, very little further information was revealed. A very short video accompanied the Twitter message which included the words “The fate … Read more

New Security Methods Implemented Ahead Of Steam Launch For WildStar


We’ve known that WildStar is coming to Steam for some time but until today, we never knew the exact date. Previously a change in the Steam listing, that was quickly reverted, listed June 1st as the first potential release date but today the team at Carbine Studios sent out official word as WildStar launches on … Read more

Big Problems For WildStar As Carbine Studios Announces Lay-Offs


The WildStar community expressed their concern over the future of their game today as developers Carbine Studios announce a round of surprise lay-offs that has resulted in nearly 60 developers and employees losing their position within the company. The news comes from an official post on WildStar’s online forums as Carbine Studios staff member Omeed … Read more

Final WildStar Server Merges Complete


Developer and publisher teams Carbine Studios and NCSoft today announced that the final stages for the remaining server mergers for WildStar have been successfully completed as servers Entity, Entity-2, Jabbit and Jabbit-2 were the final servers to be merged. The planned server merges originally began back in November of this year following the successful and … Read more

Winterfest Set To Impress The Citizens Of Planet Nexus In WildStar

WildStar Winterfest

Carbine Studios and NCSoft today announced an exciting Protostar Gala Winterfest Extravaganza event to celebrate this festive season running from December 16th 2015 through to January 1st 2016. Located within the Protostar’s SuperMall-in-the-Sky, the Winterfest event is a seasonal traditional on the world of Planet Nexus as players flock to capture the outrageous deals on … Read more

WildStar Free-To-Play Closed Beta Opens Its Doors Early

WildStar News

In an unexpected move from developers Carbine Studios today the team behind the critically acclaimed MMORPG WildStar have opened the previously planned Closed Beta testing event for the upcoming transition to the free-to-play revenue model. Initially the team planned to have a short Closed Beta testing period for the free-to-play version of the game but … Read more

Dead Island: Epidemic Shutting Down, Neverwinter, DarkScape and more! | The XP 9.18.2015

What’s up Attackers, Kirk here and welcome to the September 18th edition of The XP. On today’s show we’re going to cover Dead Island Epidemic Closing Down, Everquest Expansions announced, Neverwinter, WIldstar and a new Runescape? That and more on today’s episode!

Earlier this week Deep Silver announced that they are ceasing further development on their Dead Island Zombie MOBA, or ZOMBA, Dead Island: Epidemic. The team stated that they have been evaluating feedback and criticism from players over the past few months and their final conclusion is apparently, it’s not working. The servers will be shut down for good on October 15th, with very large discounts on characters and boosts until then. No word on whether or not they will be refunding players for currency spent like many games have before them, but from the announcement’s wording, it seems not.

Carbine Studios continues to release the many upcoming changes to Wildstar in anticipation of its free to play conversion that will take place later this month. This week the new crafting system was revealed which brings changes to the four tradeskills that use their Circuit Board Crafting technologies, which allow you to craft items with stats. The goal with changing tradeskills in the free to play update is to smartly integrate new stat changes to keep it deep and rewarding, but not as complicated, which was a complaint that many had with the existing system. I don’t have 20 minutes to go over all the changes, so check out Wildstars website if you want the details!

Neverwinter’s Stronghold Update which brings the much anticipated guild vs. guild combat has finally gone live this week, and it’s major selling point, giving war-oriented guilds the opportunity to wreak havock on other guilds halls for honor, glory and loot, is now ready for players to enjoy. The guild battles which feature 20v20 skirmishes that combine two stronghold maps into one, (best way to describe it as MOBA-like with three lanes) will let guild members earn upgrades to guild halls and improve offensive and defensive capabilities to their members for winning. The update went live on September 15th, so what are you waiting for?

Daybreak Games announced that both EverQuest and EverQuest II would be seeing brand new expansions that will be fully revealed during a live-stream event on October 1st on Twitch. What we know at this point is that both titles will be seeing full expansions which we assume will mean new raids, new quests, new and updated zones and more. Come October first we’ll have much more info and we’ll keep you updated then!

Lastly I wanted to bring up DarkScape which is what, RuneScape but darker? No? Maybe? Let’s see. Umm .. DarkScape is an experimental sandbox MMO where open-world PvP and ruthless trade wars are the name of the day. Get it now? DarkScape is a brand new game, but not really, cause you need RuneScape to play it, it’s more of a game within in a game. Easiest way for me to describe it is RuneScape with PvP everywhere in Legacy Mode. There are three regions that are separated into different risk levels which have different loot drops and such. If you know more about it, or have played it, comment below and let us know what you think!

That’s all I’ve got for you today, thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe, have a great weekend and we’ll see you in the next video. Bye!


WildStar Transition To Free-To-Play Coming This Month

WildStar News

WildStar developers Carbine Studios and publisher NCSoft today announced the official launch date for the upcoming transition to a free-to-play revenue model for the award-winning MMO, WildStar. Currently Carbine Studios are hosting the first of a two stage Closed Beta event aimed at ensuring balance and technical stability for when the transition to free-to-play occurs, … Read more

WildStar Latest Victim Of Pay-To-Play Shortcomings

WildStar News

The eagle-eyed community over at today discovered an update in the Steam’s database entry for WildStar, suggesting a possible move away from the current subscription model to a more user-friendly free-to-play stance. The database entry lists WildStar as a “Free on Demand” type for billing, which is also the same tag applied to other … Read more

Mystery Of Genesis Prime Now Available In WildStar

WildStar News

NCSoft and Carbine Studios today announced the release of the latest update for WildStar, introducing the Mystery of Genesis Prime. The new content includes a huge variety of activities and events for higher level players, such as new zones, quests and adventures, and delivers a heavy dose of detailed lore to accompany the growing story. … Read more

Carbine Expose The Mysteries Of Forthcoming WildStar Update

WildStar News

Carbine Studios lifted the veil of mystery surrounding the upcoming WildStar update today with more information on the two new chapters of content, the Mystery of Genesis Prime and Journey to OMNIcore-1. The Mystery of the Genesis Prime promises to be a treat for end-game players as a brand new level 50 area, the Defile, … Read more

WildStar’s Carbine Studios Suffers “Sweatshop” Like Work Conditions

WildStar News

Post-launch layoffs are a sad reality of the MMO world as a large development work force makes way for smaller teams aimed at maintaining and not producing, vast and expansive MMO worlds. As such it was no real surprise to see similar results at Carbine Studios following the launch of WildStar but the aftermath has … Read more

Carbine Studios Address Dwindling PvP Population With WildStar Server Transfers

WildStar News

Carbine Studios today announced that server transfers will once again be available following feedback from the WildStar community after recent transfers during the Megaserver transition left many PvP fans a little disheartened. In the post the Community Manager, ThaCheez, explained the reasoning behind the original transfers and why the developers thought it best to once … Read more