A new sci-fi MMORPG is incoming. Wildstar is set on a planet called Nexus where different factions are competing for dominance over it. This game is a colourful and stylish take on the genre with a whole menagerie of strange and wonderful creatures and a dash of wicked humour.
There are two groups seeking control over the planet named Nexus, the Exiled and the Dominion. There are currently six species, three in each group:
Humans have been wandering the Fringe in a ramshackle fleet for centuries and now they are looking to settle on Nexus. If the Dominion interfere with that, they are ready to fight.
The Granok were banished from their home planet by the Dominion and now live lives as mercenaries. They have come to Nexus to help the humans and settle a score.
The forest dwelling Aurin have made their new home on Nexus after their planet was razed by the dominion. They may love peace but they are willing to fight to get it.
The Cassian were chosen by destiny to establish the Dominion and gain control of the galaxy. They fight against the so-called vermin infesting it ? with style!
The warrior race called Draken are the foot soldiers of the Dominion. They are brutal and like to prove it.
Mechari are engineered to be highly efficient killing machines who make it their business to destroy traitors and spies in the Dominion ranks.
Currently there are four character classes to choose from:
The Warrior does things the old fashioned way, by using brute force and deadly weaponry to take care of business.
The Spellsinger uses a combination of quick firing pistols and magic spells to tear down their enemies fast.
The Stalker is a deadly assassin, stealthing through the battlefield to land precise strikes on their enemies.
The Esper uses their psychic abilities to confuse and control their opponents as well as inspiring and healing their allies.
As well as classes there are career paths to go down:
The Explorer discovers far-flung areas of the planet to claim for his or her faction and brings back valuable artefacts belonging to ancient civilisations.
The Scientist knows that knowledge is power and uses plants, minerals and dangerous alien organisms to discover new abilities.
The Soldier lives for epic battles, mastering weaponry and special combat skills as he or she climbs the ranks for fame, glory and fortune.
The Settler brings civilisation to this newly discovered planet by building new outposts and upgrading existing settlements to the benefit of your allies.
Wildstar is currently in its second closed beta with no release date specified as of yet. I look forward to seeing more details of this game as the concept seems solid and the media so far released looks vibrant and different to most of what we see in a typical sci-fi MMO. Keep an eye on this one people, it looks awesome!

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