New Steam Game Enters The Fight For The MOBA Crown

Forbes Consult today announced the Early Access debut of their upcoming free-to-play MOBA game that is now available to download on Steam, the innovative Golden Rush. In an exciting twist for the MOBA genre Golden Rush steps away from the typical lane-based strategy that challenges player to destroying the enemies base and instead tasks them with collecting gold and protecting valuable sources.

The developers describe Golden Rush as a “bold experiment” in the MOBA genre where the core principles of heroes, artifacts and competitive game play combine with unpredictable elements and exciting short-based sessions.


  • Level up your hero after choosing one of six basic classes, be it a seductive witch or a furious barbarian
  • Look for a unique tactics of victory in the new MOBA that is different from all the other ones.
  • Slay hundreds of monsters, defeat bosses and turn into a Bone Dragon that tosses enemy heroes around as if they were puppets.
  • Collect artifacts looted from monsters and assemble unique armour sets.
  • Take part in rating battles and monthly tournaments.
  • Organize well-coordinated teams of friends and fight against experienced opponents.


For more information check out the official Steam page or watch the trailer below

Source: Steam

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