Witness The Rise Of Tiamat For Neverwinter On Xbox One

Perfect World Entertainment are excited to announce the latest installment in the Neverwinter Online saga with the release of the latest expansion, titled Rise of Tiamat, on Xbox One. Players are now free to explore the all-new Well of Dragons adventure zone as they queen of dragons and harbingers of Tiamat mark the release of the first of 5 planned expansions on the top free-to-play MMO on Xbox One.

The expansion promises an array of improvements for Neverwinter include vast amounts of technical adjustments and bug fixes. Accompanying the improved stability of The Rise of Tiamat is a wealth of in-game content including a new on-screen mini-map, improvements to the queuing system and a smoother experience in several of the heroic encounters.

[quote cite=”Rob Overmeyer, Executive Producer of Neverwinter”]
“With Neverwinter being one of the first MMORPGs to come to the Xbox One, we wanted to ensure that our game lives up to the idea of a living world. Rise of Tiamat is just the beginning of our continued support for our game on consoles as we look to deliver more dungeons, dragons and game optimizations that our players want.”[/quote]

Neverwinter Online presents Xbox One players with the leading fully-fledged MMORPG experience constructed in the Dungeons and Dragons universe with fully integrated Xbox One exclusive features such as friend list integration, optimized controls and an easy transitional experience between PC and Xbox One.

Source: Press Release

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