Massive Tournament For World Of Tanks have just announced an exciting tournament event for their record breaking action MMO game, World of Tanks. The tank combat MMO exploded onto the scene and has since attracted millions of players and earned the record for the most simultaneous players online for an MMO game.

The special tournament will be celebrating Wargaming’s 15th anniversary in true style with the main prize as an all-expenses paid trip to the development studio in Minsk, Belarus. The second and third place teams will walk away with a “massive” amount of in-game gold, surely enough to purchase and arm some of the best tanks in the game.

Every popular region will participate including the following:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Russia
  • Sout Korea
  • Southeast Asia
  • China
  • Vietnam

Despite putting over 100 hours into World of Tanks I could never hope to compete in a tournament of this caliber. The very best World of Tanks players will participate and the prize is enough to drive even the most hardcore of players to the next level.

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