World Of Tanks 8.6 Update Arrives For EU Players

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video! have just announced that update 8.6 is now live for their award-winning action MMO title, World of Tanks. The update brings an exciting variety of additional content to the critically acclaimed MMO, including brand new areas, new tanks and the addition of the highly anticipated Tier V British Premium Heavy Tank, Excelsior.

Players now have the option to enter combat in a brand new, autumn themed Asian map that offers open areas for fire exchange and plenty of narrow passages for ambush and artillery strikes. Sacred Valley has only been available for a few hours but it’s quickly becoming one of the most played maps in the game.

One of the main focal points of the 8.6 update is the balancing of SPGs. The community widely considers them to be an over-powered option in combat but update 8.6 introduces a complete rework of every available SPG in the game and the addition of a Tier X tech line.

For the full lowdown on the patch, including all of the new tanks and SPGs, check the official website.

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