World of Tanks 9.1 Update – A Global Affair

today announced the official release dates for the highly anticipated
9.1 update for the award-winning free-to-play shooter, World of
update is already available to European players but the rest of the
world will have to endure a few days of waiting. North America will
get access to the next update on June 17th while Asian and Korean
gamers will both have full access tomorrow, June 13th.

“The reworked Himmelsdorf will become the place of real football
battles! Form a platoon of 3 players and show everyone what you are
capable of. Matches will be held in a 3×3 format and will last 7
minutes. The first team to score 3 goals wins. Become the best
goalscorer of World of Tanks!”

9.1 introduces an exciting variety of new content including an
impressive selection of balance tweaks, new in-game rewards and the
debut of the eagerly anticipated World Football Championship game
mode alongside the new Historical Battles feature.

Source: Press Release

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