World Of Warcraft Secure Accounts Compromised

World of Warcraft players have been warned about account security following the outbreak of a new trojan that can steal login information even when using the authenticator. The developers have taken to the official forums to ask players to aid with the remedy for this problem, requesting infected players to follow specific steps so that they’re able to isolate the problem.

We’ve been receiving reports regarding a dangerous Trojan that is being used to compromise player’s accounts even if they are using an authenticator for protection. The Trojan acts in real time to do this by stealing both your account information and the authenticator password at the time you enter them.

According to the official post Blizzard have yet to find any anti-virus programs that recognize the trojan, potentially leaving millions of subscribers at risk. Speculation has already gripped many of the community with some blaming popular World of Warcraft fan sites while others are suggesting digital photo frames from China are responsible, in the mean time I’m creating my tinfoil hat to avoid abduction by the superior alien race of Wookies that have been circling the Earth since 1803.

Source: World of Warcraft forums

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