World Of Tanks Xbox One Release Schedule Announced

Having previously announced the World of Tanks Xbox One release for July 28th developers Wargaming took the legendary E3 as an opportunity to reveal additional details on the release schedule surrounding their premier online title. The most exciting element of the new details revealed at this years E3 is that both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 community will have the opportunity to wage warfare on all new fronts in one of the first cross-platform titles in the genre.

[quote cite=” TJ Wagner, Executive Producer at Wargaming Chicago.”]“We’re very excited to expand the World of Tanks experience to the Xbox One. There’s a lot of cool and exciting new features designed to bring out the best on that console. The introduction of some first-ever features including cross-platform multiplayer and voice between Xbox 360 and Xbox One and the exciting new PvE mode is going to give gamers, whether they’re already players or not, a whole new World of Tanks experience.” [/quote]

Additionally the developers announced some extra dates surrounding the Xbox One release of World of Tanks:


  • July 10th – Xbox One players will be able to pre-download World of Tanks and get the install out of the way ready for the beta
  • July 11th – The beginning of the final beta weekend before release, running for 48 hours
  • July 28th – Official release of World of Tanks on Xbox One


As well as the cross-platform play between the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions all players will carry over existing progress, including vehicles, XP, Silver and Premium account time, across to the newest platform on Xbox One.

World of Tanks Console - Xbox One E3 2015 Trailer

Source: Official Website

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