WoW: Mists of Pandaria talent trees revealed

For those of you who are into the character development, you?ll be happy to hear that Blizzard has broadcasted the talent trees for each character. These trees are replacing the ones that WoW has put up since 2004 and are completely revamped. The new specification system will allow players to choose a different talent every 15 levels that you reach instead of throwing all of the points into talents as you level up each level.

WoW has also revealed the Monk class before the expansion is released as well giving players time to look over all of the details to see if this Monk is something that they?d be interested in. The categories of specialization of the Monk include Brewmaster, Mistweaver and Windwalker.

The Brewmaster seems interesting as it combines spells that are from the way of the tiger, to brewing kegs of beer and hurling it at your enemies and also has very sturdy strength abilities as well. The Mistweaver is a healer but still has the way of the tiger and there are a wide variety of healing capabilities for this specialization. The Windwalker seems to be more of like a martial artist type character with a bunch of abilities containing close ranged attacks/spells.

The expansion, Mists of Pandaria, looks to be like an interesting one. We will see if it is a big, successful hit for the MMO. There is still no official release date, but people are predicting that it will be out by the end of the Summer.

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