Wurm Online: Unlimited Now On Steam

Today’s an exciting day for fans of the sandbox and exploration MMORPG as the popular Wurm Online welcomes the next stage in its constant evolution with the release of Wurm Online: Unlimited on Steam. The release of Wurm Online: Unlimited sees a vast amount of improvements for the game including the ability for players to host their own game servers, be that either a single-player experience or an MMO-based one, creation of new items, and even the ability to support custom game worlds and environments.

The uniqueness of the private server option on Steam offers an exciting opportunity for players of the game to enjoy an entirely new Wurm Online experience as the Steam community are given free reign to create, modify and release as they please.

Accompanying the customization options and additional private server features are some other exciting elements for Wurm Online: Unlimited including a new Adventure mode, complete with immersive new story-line, and new Creative Mode that offers players an endless wilderness to explore in a survival sense or with God mode enabled.

Source: Steam

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