XBalanque Reigns As Supreme Hunter In Smite

Late last night Hi-Rez Stew launched another of his popular Stat of the Day threads on Reddit which returned some rather surprising results. This latest challenge asked players to rank the in-game Hunter’s in the order of winning percentage, highest to lowest.

If you’re a little confused at the term Hunter, it’s because Hi-Rez Studios recently changed the in-game names for different roles within combat. This particular event was between the currently released Hunter’s which include Anhur, Apollo, Artemis, Cupid, Neith and XBalanque. Players were promised an 800 Gem reward if they were able to correctly guess the right order.

  • 1) XBalanque 54.31%
  • 2) Artemis 52.78%
  • 3) Cupid 52.45%
  • 4) Neith 49.72%
  • 5) Anhur 49.66%
  • 6) Apollo 49.13%

What would you have guessed? Personally I’m shocked to see Neith so far down the list as she’s easily one of the most powerful Hunter’s in the right hands but nevertheless, XBalanque walks away with the highest rated win percentage of all the SMITE Hunter’s.

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