Your Thoughts On Permadeath – MMOpinion

Death in RPGs is mostly meaningless isn’t it?  I mean you can mostly do whatever you want, pull as many mobs as you want, rush any boss you want and if you die, are just ported to a nearbye area where you can either try it again, or go along your merry way.  Yes, there can sometimes be setbacks, slow health and mana regen, or some other minor burden, but that’s it.  In a few minutes it’s like you never died.

Now add in the element of permadeath and it becomes a rather frightening ordeal.  Now every move means something.  Every battle you encounter requires thoughtful planning on how to survive.  Your outlook changes.  Now you’re not just checking off quests as you explore the world, every choice is driven by survival.  You are now exposed, you are now vulnerable.

So how do you feel about permadeath?  Do you play games with permadeath on?  If not, why?  If so, explain to the people why it’s so exhilerating!

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