Knight Age – Successful First Siege Warfare Weekend

Joymax, the leading online game developer and publisher, cheers for a successful weekend in Siege Warfare in their newest MMORPG, Knight Age. Siege Warfare has added an exciting, new dimension to the game’s play and presents PvP in a unique fashion for players.

The first time Siege Warfare was introduced was on October 21st, 2012 and seven guilds participated in the event

“A hectic fight filled with death, sweat, riding and of course, excitement as the Orders battled through both trolls and bosses guarding the castle(as well as each other) filled Tintagel for a mere 40 of the allotted 60 minutes. The winning Order, whose name shall go down in the annals of history, was comprised of 33 hardened members who fought with both skill and finesse, showing marvelous teamwork.”

The next Siege Warfare battle will be held on October 28th, 2012 Players have expressed interest on the game’s Facebook page and said how exciting the battles were to watch. Predictions have already started as to whether the current holders of the Castle will be able to keep their victories up.

“During a Siege, all participating Knights will transfer to a unique map called Tintagel Town. The warfare lasts an hour; it is up to the players to earn as many points within this allotted time. Points are earned by touching the Crystal ? the longer a team maintains contact with the Crystal, the more points they are awarded. The ultimate reward for winning the Siege is becoming the Lord of Tintagel Castle. Within the fortress is an exclusive merchant found nowhere else in the kingdom, who sells high level items found only inside Tintagel! “

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