Skyforge Introduces Daily Rewards With New Festive Event

The world of Aelion welcomes a wave of the holiday spirit today as Allods Team and My.Com announce the beginning of festive events for the increasingly popular free-to-play online MMORPG game, Skyforge. Players in the arena of Immortals and Gods are being invited to participate in the festivities that include a variety of exciting activities and worthwhile rewards.


  • Khelp Pranksters with 3-5 players taking them on in a snowball fight
  • Throw snowballs at pranksters
  • Get gifts from the Holiday Tree on a daily basis, all 14!
  • Christmas Asterius will spawn and tell the history of the Winter Festival and give over cryolators
  • Adepts will receive extra snowballs


During the duration of the event players will also be treated to free daily login rewards.

Source: Press Release

Skyforge Introduces Daily Rewards With New Festive Event

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