Soul of Guardian – New Update Being Released Today

Soul of Guardian, a browser-based action RPG set in a hybrid fantasy world, made by WSGame, has made an update to the game today.

Here?s what is in store for players:

??The game has added a new breathtaking mount, Nightmare Unicorn which players will be able to access through the Item Mall.

??You can now ?try on? a mount before you buy it. A brand new feature by WSGame, you can now preview the items you are going to purchase with just a simple click.

??There is now a new buff, Zeus? Attack, which is a special one time only deal for one?s initial trip into the dungeon.

??There is no longer an Attack +5000, it has been adjusted to Attack 6x.

??If you quit or are kicked out from a guild, you can no longer apply or get an invitation from another Guild within 24 hours.

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Soul of Guardian – New Update Being Released Today

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