The Weekly Loot is MMO Attack's Weekly MMO and MMORPG News Show hosted by the lovely and talented Ayodele! This week we discuss Neverwinter's Shadowmantle expansion, Atlantica Online's Dragon Trial Dungeon and Warframe's Update 11. Read more
Nexon and NDoors have released the latest update for the turn-based combat MMORPG game, Atlantica Online. The new update introduces a brand new time trial dungeon that promises to offer some of the most intense content available in the unique MMO title. Read more
Your Daily MMO and MMORPG News for Monday August 12th. Today Kirk discusses The International 3, Aura Kingdom, Atlantica Online and Drakensang Online. Read more
Crikey! Nexon today announced the immediate release of the eagerly anticipated Expedition Australia update for their popular turn-based MMORPG game, Atlantica Online. Read more
Admit it, you cannot get enough of Anime inspired games. From their giant cute eyes to their flashy clothes and bright colors, Anime MMORPG games just bring a little extra to the table. Read more
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