10 Year Long Quest Coming To An End In RuneScape

A quest that has spanned a decade and a generation of RuneScape players is all set for its epic conclusion today following the release of the latest update from Jagex – opening the doors to the Lost City of the Elves for the first time. The
crystalline metropolis of Prifddinas was first introduced to players nearly 10 years ago, through a complex chain of difficult quests and iconic rewards. With a bevy of new areas to explore and fresh features to try, Prifddinas marks one of the biggest updates in RuneScapes long history.

New districts have been introduced that offer players a variety of unique quests, challenging puzzles and deadly foes to battle. Each of the 4 new districts is controlled by a certain Clan with each clan offering a different sort of quest chain.

an incredible amount of content,” said Phil Mansell, vice president of
RuneScape, “and the team is working around the clock to double this by
the end of 2014. It’s also pleasing to reflect that if it wasn’t for the
success of our
Player Power initiative, the Elf City may well have not emerged into
the light. This was, by far, the most desirable piece of content for our
fans and we’re delighted to offer them the keys to this new kingdom

This update introduces only a small part of the Lost City of the Elves. Jagex have confirmed that another set of updates will arrive before the end of the year, introducing the other Clan districts.

Source: Press Release

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