$300k Awaits In World Of Tanks Grand Finals

Wargaming today announced the final details for its upcoming World of Tanks League Grand Finals scheduled to take place April 4th through April 6th in Poland’s famous capital city of Warsaw.

Over 14 different teams have qualified for the 3 day event that’s set to begin after the festive Opening Ceremony at 12:00 CET on the first day. All 3 days will see the 14 teams compete on the battlefield with the final winner being crowned during the victor ceremony at 19:00 CET on April 6th.

World of Tanks players and fans of eSports can watch the event for free, both online and in-person – the latter being quite a rarity in such large-scale sports meetings. European, North American, Asian, Polish and Korean viewers can join via Twitch at the channels listed below:

The developers have also announced a variety of exciting prizes and giveaways for spectators so tune in for your chance to win some epic World of Tanks swag.

Source: MMORPG

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