The Battle For Lion’s Arch Is Over…Or Is It?

Thousands of Tyria’s bravest warriors have succeeded in their quest to
defeat the evil Scarlet Briar but is the battle for Lion’s Arch truly
over? Word of their great achievement spread throughout Tyria faster
than wildfire but with the Lionguard in ruins and the forces of Order
shattered, who remains to stop the dreaded Breachmaker? Scarlet Briar’s
enormous machine continues to drill uncontrollably without the pilot at
the helm and only one thing is certain, the citizens of Tyria have been scarred deeply.

events that took place at Lion’s Arch were the culmination of a
storyline that began over a year ago in Guild Wars 2. Today’s release of
the next phase in Tyria’s uncertain future, Aftermath, will give
players the opportunity to explore the true destruction left in
Scarlet’s wake.

To celebrate the iconic finale ArenaNet and
NCSoft released a new cinematic trailer, allowing the brave warriors of
Tyria to relive her final moments and the chaos that followed. Check out
the trailer below:

Source: Press Release

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