8Bit MMO Now Available In Desktop Version

Archive Entertainment today announced that a new desktop client version of 8Bit MMO is now ready for deployment in a closed beta capacity. 8Bit MMO is one of the most popular retro MMORPG’s on the market but JAVA is known to cause problems for many players and a desktop version has been at the top of the requests list for some time.

The Desktop Edition comes complete with the most recent content updates including the new leveling system, new weapons, new monsters and the highly anticipated friends list. The closed beta is currently reserved for supporters who have purchased the $9.99 package or above.

The developers have also released a brand new fundraising campaign to help upgrade the 8Bit MMO server capabilities, with additional stretch goals included. If the request for funding surpasses $1,600 a desktop version for the MAC will be released, removing the difficult challenges occasionally posed by JAVA.

For more information or to support the development of the MAC desktop client, click here.

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