A Rough Start For Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online launched only moments ago but there’s already plenty of ugly discussion taking place across the internet. Let me prefix by saying that Rockstar Games did warn players of the unavoidable problems that would coincide with opening the game to millions of players so those that took vacation time from work don’t really have the grounds to complain.

The first issue that appeared was the release of the update on the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE platforms. Rockstar originally announced that the game would be available from 7AM ET although some players have reported being able to download the update since 5AM ET. However, this appears to be a bit random as others have yet to have the option while some are already in-game.

For the first 30 minutes or so after the pre-announced release time players were able to log in and create a new character but most have been unable to get access to the first race mission following crashes and server kicks. Players attempting to join Grand Theft Auto Online are now receiving a Rockstar cloud server unavailable message.

It’s safe to say you probably won’t get much playtime today, depending on how quickly Rockstar tackle the problems but the fact it’s a 7AM release gives them the entire day to hopefully get things sorted before the majority of players get out of school/work.

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