Additional Skyforge Details Emerge

Obsidian Entertainment and today released a new “Ask Us Anything”
addressing many questions put forward by the community for the upcoming
free-to-play action MMO, Skyforge.
During the community event the developers answered a variety of
questions covering many different elements of the game, from the unique
action-driven combat to the to the numerous environments and zones
available at launch.

The MMO genre
is by no means young, and it has a certain set of components. But many
things in our game are done “differently”. While the substance might be
recognizable, the implementation will often be non-classical. Of course,
it is impossible to completely avoid parallels with other games.

developers also addressed one of the more popular questions from the
community surrounding the in-game PvP system. When asked if they would
support PvP on a massive scale they replied stating they’ve yet to make a
final decision but it’s unlikely as they feel the input from a single
individual is almost mute – removing the element of skill and ability
they hope to deliver with the PvP.

This is a
topic that we are still discussing, but I will share a bit of
information. Large PVP battles are epic and appealing… until you are
in the middle of them. The contribution of the two hundredth player in a
battle like that is invisible. You can hardly demonstrate tactics in a
crowd (it shows on a larger scale, but playing one unit in an RTS is not
fun), the skill is negated by “focus” and “one shots”. Throwing a huge
number of players together in one fight is bad in terms of gameplay.
However, there is always a compromise, and we found it. Without
revealing details, I will just say that for successful participation in
guild battles your company will need at least 100 active players.

For a full list of this weeks Ask Us Anything questions and answers head on over to the official forums.

your thirst for Skyforge juice has yet to be quenched check out the
community questions and answers session from early this month. During
that event the developers covered switching classes, open beta
expectations, the max level and the dynamic weather system. Check it out

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