Aeria Games Explains PvE Features For DK Online

Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, highlights today the PvE feature of the long-awaited medieval MMORPG, DK Online.

?At the core of a great PvE experience lies the excitement of exploring new and wondrous environments. Litos will be sure to enthrall players with its many gorgeous areas and staggering scope of bustling cities and castles, all with their own unique architecture and structures. Players will journey though diverse lands ranging from the magnificent floating towers of the capital city of Ledise to the Arabian-inspired palm trees and sandy surroundings that make up the desert city of Emtlant.?

The crafting system of DK Online is essential to the success of the PvE. The only way to get the best kind of armor is through the player?s own crafting abilities. This will allow for creating an economy as players will be able to trade materials and sought-after gear that they will produce. On top of the amazing gear to be made, DK Online will have a lot of wicked monsters to test it out on.

?DK Online?s wide variety of monster species, each accented by highly detailed models and animations, will have players consistently eager to see what?s around the next corner. From slobbering, sharp-toothed living mushrooms to imposing Spectral Knights to fearsome bosses like the Succubus Queen Inaferus, every environment is home to interesting and creative monster designs.?

DK Online will be a free to download and will be a free-to-play title. There is a closed beta going on now. If you want in on the action, check it out here:

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