World of Tanks – Update 8.0 Is Now Available

Wargaming has announced that the new 8.0 update for its free-to-play action MMO, World of Tanks has gone live as of yesterday for North America and today for Europe. This is the game?s most important update since its launch in April 2011. It brings a few major overhauls of the game?s in-game physics engine.

The new update also adds a new user interface with a boosted interpretation system for more lifelike and realistic visuals, as well as adaptive camouflage and new mini-map functions. Players are also able to choose the combat mode type before entering into a battle and transfer free experience into what is called crew experience.

Not only that, but the USSR tech tree has been expanded to include four new tank destroyers, and the first premium British machine, the Matilda Black Prince which are all available at the in-game shop for purchase.

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