Aeria Games Reveal New Trailer For Free-To-Play MMORPG From Lineage II Team, Echo Of Soul

The award-winning team behind Lineage II is soon to bring the Eastern free-to-play MMO game, Echo of Soul, to Western shores under the watchful eye of the Aeria Games publishing portal. Echo of Soul, currently available to play in Korea, will release to North American and European players in Spring 2015.

The game boasts 5 distinct classes and a massive game world with a heavy focus on character customization and a unique soul collection mechanic. As players explore the Echo of Soul they will encounter a huge variety of diverse and deadly enemies, each of which includes a soul that players can absorb to increase their power and potential in battle.

Echo of Soul is developed by popular figures behind the MMO favorite, Lineage II, and will feature similarly rich and detailed visuals, alongside epically scaled environments. Boasting an array of PvP and PvE content, the free-to-play transaction model will make Echo of Soul freely available to the MMO audience upon its release next year. To celebrate the announcement Aeria Games released a new trailer highlighting some of the games most exciting elements:

Echo Of Soul - Announcement Trailer

Players can sign up for the upcoming beta on the official website.

Source: Attack Of The Fan Boy

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  1. Looks really nice. I didn’t know this was from Lineage’s developer. This doesn’t seem to be mentioned amongst other “next gen” Eastern MMO’s like TERA, Vindictus & ArcheAge (or all the upcoming ones like Black Desert or Peria Chronicles). I really have never heard of this until this week. But it does look pretty good! Just like Aura Kingdom before it. Aeria has their eye on some interesting games that no websites seem to talk about.

    And like Aura Kingdom, I’m really liking the look of this one. I finally gotta make an Aeria account I think.

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