Age Of Conan Server Merges Raise Concern With The Community

The latest Game Director Letter has been released for Age of Conan with many players responding with concerns about the games dwindling population. I can’t really see any serious reason for concern. Age of Conan’s popularity exploded after releasing the free-to-play MMO model but you cannot expect a game of that vintage to increase the population to levels that were seen at launch. As such many naysayers come out of their caves, as is always the way when server merges are announced.

US servers will be merged with EU servers so players from both sides of the pond will be able to fight alongside one another in the heated battles featured in the game. The developers aim to have the merges completed by the end of Summer but they did go into deep detail on the difficulty of the task, so expect some delays to avoid disappointment.

Funcom also touched on some upcoming features including the potential addition of an achievement system and the highly anticipated Coils of Ubah Khan update, which is currently available on the test server.

For more information on what’s in store for Age of Conan players you can read the full Game Director Letter on the official website.

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