Take To The Skies With The World Of WarPlanes Open Beta

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Award-winning free-to-play MMO developers Wargaming.net have just announced that the highly anticipated World of WarPlanes is now in open beta. They announced the open beta launch date on June 12th and although they’ve held their promise, players are struggling to participate as the official website has been offline for maintenance since the announcement was made earlier today. The open beta period is only available to Russian and North American players although Europeans will be able to join come July 4th.

Just under 3 million pilots signed on the dotted line for the closed beta testing so if that level of interest passes through to open beta, expect some furious aerial battles. The open beta will feature a real-time tactical feedback system that will aid new players in learning the best possible combat techniques as well as crews and their skills. A brand new tutorial has also been introduced to assist with improving the new player experience.

Wargaming.net have also revealed that the previously announced Unified Premium Account system will become available towards the latter stages of the open beta. This unique option gives players the opportunity to sign up for a premium account that works for both World of WarPlanes and World of Tanks.

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