Age Of Wulin – New Details Released For Martial Arts MMO

Gala Networks Europe have just released more information for their upcoming martial arts inspired MMORPG, Age of Wulin. Details have been slowly emerging since the games announcement earlier this year but this is easily one of the hottest announcements so far with details on the revenge and bounty systems, as well as an incite to the games in-depth approach to PvP.

Although most are already aware of the open approach to PvP featured in Age of Wulin, offering players the opportunity to fight and compete at any time, the new details expand on this further with the introduction of social networking. Jianghu will be a cut-throat world with players locking swords without restriction, offering one of the most hardcore PvP environments ever seen in a free to play MMORPG game.

Another interesting aspect of the PvP system is the fact incentive is involved. Some popular MMO games seem to add PvP as an afterthought but Age of Wulin have tackled it head on with the introduction of achievement and reward based PvP. Success during PvP encounters will lead to achievements that offer both rewards and the ability to boast via the games internal social-networking system.

Complimenting the social-networking system is a highly innovative approach to bounties, crime and rewards. Players will be able to easily place a bounty on an enemy, giving them the opportunity to get revenge without staining their sword with the blood of their target. However, bounty hunters won’t be able to kill freely as murder is crime which is punishable by death. Other players can sign up for constable duties in each region, giving them the tools to hunt down the most infamous bounty hunters. Criminals will experience a vast array of exciting features such as ending up in a penitentiary, with the only escapes involving bribing guards and raising money for charity.

There’s also some epic guild battles on the cards, creating one of the most intricate PvP systems to date. This is definitely one to keep your eye on.

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