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So last Friday were the Video Game Awards 2012.  The tenth edition of the awards, which have grown exponentially since 2003, were as much about the games as about the star power that went along with it.  But that’s not why i’m here.  I’m here to ask you what you would have chosen as the award winners.  That’s right, I want you to pick what your games of the year are.  

Here’s how to do it.  I’m going to list some of the award categories, and you can just copy and paste them into the comment area, and put in what games should have won.  Easy enough.  For a list of the ‘real’ winners, we have a quick article on the VGA winners.  

Best Downloadable Game:

Most Anticipated Game:

Best RPG: 

Best Shooter:

Best PC Game:

Character of the Year:

Game of the Year:

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